Enon Chapel Baptist Church
Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Prayer Requests

"If you abide in Me and My Words abide in you,
ask whatever you wish and it will be done for you."
                                                                                 John 15:7
Jeff - last week of class

Hartleigh Page – follow-up appointment on Thursday; not sleeping through the night


Children and grandchildren – Holy Spirit’s guidance and protection

Linda – recovery from surgery

Travel mercies for children

Annie – health
Chris Allen – foot pain

PRAISE Michelle had safe trip


Candi Piburn – visiting mom

Mary Pierce – Praise she got a job

Christine Oliver’s grandson, Waylon – health

Malinda Bush’s granddaughter, Isabel – travel mercies back home

Christine Oliver’s daughter, Kimberly – tooth extraction

Judy Vickers’ dad, William - health care of heart

Mary Pierce’s grandfather, L.D. – not taking care of his health


Nicki – sale of house; direction for business

Michael – unspoken

Blevins’ nephew – headaches; has doctor appointment

Blevins family – upcoming deployment of Brad

Sosa family – relationship between kids restored to grace-filled love for each other; forgiveness / no bitterness

Shelly - unspoken

Tonya Wilde – health issues; upcoming surgical procedure

Tonya’s sister – God’s mercy and grace


Carol Cooper (Sharon Gale’s mom) – Pray God’s mercy and grace

Sharon – God’s wisdom and direction for her life and decisions

Ricky – got promoted
Robert – continued healing
Nicole – unspoken
Rusty – work
Kay Lee & Family
Frye family

Prayer for whole class to devote more time to prayer and studying God’s Word


Sarah James, Val Jean Farnell ( traveling), Dee Woody, Mary Collins (equilibrium problems), Kathy Cook (blood pressure and arthritis), Mike (Alzheimer’s), Michelle Hickman (traveling), Carolyn (unspoken), Georgia May (4 year old w/cancer), Mike and Pam Lanier (Mike is home), Annie Walters, Randy, Jennie and John Hopkins (traveling)

Flood and Fire Victims


Blevins family – seeking God’s direction for a home church

Michael – unspoken; completion of deck


Cathy Lagasse’s sister, Christine – healing

Malinda Bush’s niece’s husband, Jerry – injuries from fall

Randy Lagasse – healthy stability

Judy Vickers’ dad, William – bad back, heart surgery

Judy Vickers’ friend, Donna – husband had massive heart attack

Christine Oliver – boy, Jeffrey had a football injury

Mary Pierce – job interview today (8/20/18)

Sandy Loggins – stress test on Wed

Jackie Endicott – test on Friday for board certification


Pastor Jim and family – traveling back to Onslow from Florida today; pray for God’s protection and safety.



Pray for student  registrations for Weekday Preschool.


















































































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