Enon Chapel Baptist Church
Saturday, November 28, 2020
Touching Lives....Making Disciples

About Us

Aren't websites really cool? With a click of a button you can see a church, meet its staff, read its doctrinal statement, investigate its ministries, listen to sermons, even reflect on its vision & dreams for the future. But Enon Chapel Baptist Church is more than a few words and pictures on a monitor screen. Enon Chapel is a family of families who've been radically changed by a living God and we're interested in your family, your faith & your future.  

It is our prayer that you will take an important second step. Now that you have visited our website, we invite you to visit our worship service. I'm amazed how God takes our seemingly insignificant efforts on Sunday mornings and radically transforms the lives of others. I continually hear testimonies from others of how God met them as they came to worship, spoke to them through the celebration and proclamation of Jesus and changed their lives for eternity.  

Enon Chapel Baptist Church is a purpose driven Southern Baptist body. At Enon Chapel the fellowship is authentic, the music is awesome, the sermons are applicable and the services are anchored in the Word of God. Jesus Christ is always exalted. The only thing missing is you! Let me personally welcome you and invite you and your family to make Enon Chapel your church family and church home.  

                                                                    Dr. James H. Kelley                                                                 Senior Pastor, ECBC